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Due to the continuing global health crisis surrounding COVID-19, Summer 2021 Camp Counselors are encouraged to carefully read, sign, and adhere to the following pledge:

Montgomery Counselor’s Pledge


I, ______________________, understand that Summer Camp 2021 is taking place during unprecedented times in our world’s history. COVID-19 is a public health crisis that affects people of all ages. The virus may be contracted unknowingly. Some people who are infected are asymptomatic, others develop severe respiratory illness, and still others have lost their lives to COVID-19. This health crisis is affecting our communities, state, nation, and countries around the world.


In order to create an isolation bubble to minimize the spread of Coronavirus to our campers, and thus our community, I pledge to (select all that apply):


__ Test for COVID-19 prior to coming onto Montgomery Conference Center’s campus.


__ Maintain social distancing practices during time off campus by

Avoiding large gatherings,

Using a mask in public places,

Maintaining a distance of 6 feet from people outside my immediate family.


__ Remain on campus over the weekends, respecting the Weekend Policy.


I assume a leadership role as a member of Montgomery’s Summer Staff. I will act responsibly and model Christian behavior both on campus and off.


Signed this day, _______________, 2021






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