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Summer Camp 2019


The theme for Summer 2019 is “Overwhelm” and we challenge you to live an overwhelming life! Overwhelming with so much love, joy, grace, and faith that you shine like a lighthouse in the darkness. Explore how people, throughout the Bible, showed overwhelming faith and how we can do the same.


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Are you looking for a first-time camp experience? Not sure if you are ready for a full week of overnight camping? Our Explorer Camp is just for you! Designed for young people entering the 2nd-3rd grade, our explorer campers begin building lifelong camp memories, experience all of the classic camp activities, and get the full camp experience in only 3 nights!

 Week of June 16-19 and June 30-July3


Discovery Camp

A weeklong adventure awaits for our campers entering 4th - 6th grade! Five full days of boating, blobbing, archery, worship, and arts & crafts (just to name a few). You will quickly become friends as you climb the rock wall, sail, tube, explore your faith and make lifelong memories.

Week of June 16-21, June 23-28, June 30-July 5, July 21-26

Challenge Camp

Have you ever wished you could make up your own schedule at camp? Have a fun idea for a game? Want to have a polar bear plunge in the morning? Then our challenge camp is the perfect fit for you! Designed for young people entering the 6th-9th grade, Challenge Camp gives you the freedom to pick your own schedule with your group and make your week at Montgomery as unique as you!

Week of June 16-21 and June 30-July 5, July 21-26

Culinary Creation

Have you ever wondered what goes into cooking a meal? From planting the seeds to harvesting the crop, preparing the food to actually cooking? Are you entering the 5th - 8th grade? Then this is the camp for you! Spend a week with our new Culinary Director learning just what goes into maintaining our camp garden, harvesting our food, and how to turn it into a delicious meal. Not only will you get to enjoy delicious treats throughout the week, but you'll get to prepare and serve your family on Friday to show off everything you've learned.

Week of June 30 - July 5

10-Day Challenge Camp

Come spend a week and a half with us at our 10-day Challenge Camp. Featuring all of the amazing activities that Montgomery has to offer, the freedom to choose your own adventures with your group, and the much anticipated Alpha & Omega weekend! Take your camp experience to the next level with 5 extra days to deepen your friendships, faith, and memories. Our 10-day Challenge Camp is available for young people entering 7th - 9th grade.

Week of June 23 - July 3

Emerald Forest

Experience God by surrounding yourself in his unique creation. Spend your week at camp enjoying outdoor living, cooking meals over a campfire, sleeping under the night sky, and waking to the chirping of birds. Emerald Forest is available for young people entering 6th-9th grade.

Week of June 23-28

 Night Owls and Power & Light

If you love sleeping in and hangout out with friends late at night, then you may be a Night Owl! Our Night Owls are young people entering grades 9th-12th, while our Power & Light Camp is specifically designed for young people entering grades 7th-9th. Both feature all the classic camp activities with a twist: you get to sleep in until 10:30 a.m.! Enjoy all the fun summer camp activities during the day - but with exciting twists around every corner when the sun goes down! Grow in your faith, have heartfelt conversations, and have the time of your life under the night sky with the best people around!

Week of June 23-28

Mad Scientists

Do you like to conduct gross and messy experiments, engineer cool structures, go nuts with chemistry and make new friends all while connecting to your faith? Our brand new Mad Scientists camp is designed for our campers entering grades 4-6 and provides all of this and more! Come experience an amazing week creating your very own cardboard boats to sail, testing out egg crash test cars and create radical reactions. By the end of the week, you will be a certified Mad Scientist!

Week of June 16-21

Leaders In Training

In life and in everything that you do, you will come across both good and bad leaders. At Montgomery's Leaders in Training (LIT) camp, we teach you the skills to be a great Christian leader. As a Montgomery LIT you will learn different types of leadership skills, facilitate activities for younger campers, grow a deeper understanding of your faith, participate in Alpha & Omega weekend, and make memories with friends that will last a lifetime.  LIT Camp is for students entering 10th and 11th grades.

Week of June 23 - July 5

CIT - Counselors In Training

The ultimate two week camp for those rising high school Seniors wanting to be counselors at Montgomery. During the first week, you will learn the skills that you'll need to be an amazing counselor. With coordination from our Director, you will learn through study, observation, and hands-on experience.  Then you choose a second week to come back to camp as a junior counselor with your very own campers. Two weeks of amazing memories for the price of one!

First Week is June 16 - 21

Retreat Style Camps

Have you ever wished you could go to camp with your entire youth group? Look no further! For the first time ever, Montgomery is offering you a week at camp specifically designed to include your entire group. Featuring a unique schedule combining Keynotes, small groups, and all of the classic camp activities this week will be unlike any that you have experienced before. Have more questions? Please contact Lexi at lexi@montgomerycenter.org.

Middle School Week July 21-26


High School Camp

Wish you could still go to camp, but don't want to attend our CIT or LIT program? This is the camp for you! Experience everything that Montgomery has to offer one last time.

July 21-26