Montgomery COVID-19 Update

June 9, 2020

In the interest of continuing our Mission of “Welcoming All People to Christ” but with a newly-critical eye on the highest possible health and safety standards, the Montgomery Board and staff have implemented a plan for safely opening for smaller user groups, and an abridged summer camp with “quarantine bubble” strictures and strategic attendance limits. We are pleased to share these policies below so that you can make informed and prayerful decisions.


Our Culinary Director, in conjunction with Board input, and guidance from FDA, Florida Department of Health, and CDC guidelines, has set out and implemented new dining, serving, and gathering procedures with consideration of the safety of our guests and staff. The full procedures and disclosures can be read here: 


Montgomery is opening for smaller user groups on June 1st, and will adhere to the Florida Phase 1 Executive Order 20-112 until such time as we receive advice that the move to Phase 2 is safe. We will then conduct our own re-evaluation for next steps.


Above and beyond the strictures that are mandated, Montgomery is enacting the below policies moving forward:


  • All staff will wear surgical masks or other approved face coverings any time they are within 30 feet of a user group’s guests or summer campers. Summer camp counselors will have a separate set of procedures; please see below.

  • The highest available level of sanitization will be used, with bleach products, other approved and effective disinfectants, and UV light wands utilized behind every user group’s and dining group’s departure from a particular facility or area. User groups will be isolated from other user groups while on property at the same time, so as to avoid potential cross-contamination between user groups. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations will be set out around the property and will be increased from present levels in high-traffic areas utilized by guests. 

  • Any visitors, delivery persons, contractors, volunteers, or guests not within the designated user groups scheduled to be on site will be kept at a safe distance and will be required to wear masks while on property.

  • User groups will be required to sign a liability release form, stating that they are aware of the risks presented by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the COVID-19 disease. This form can be read here: 


Summer Camp 2020 - In addition to the above-mentioned policy, the Montgomery Board and staff will enact the following health and safety policies to ensure we are doing everything in our power to keep our campers, campers’ families, and staff safe both during camp and upon campers’ return home. Summer Camp weekly group size will be limited to 40 campers maximum. 


  • ALL summer campers and summer counselors will be tested prior to coming on to Montgomery property for their week of camp. Campers/counselors that do not get tested, or do not provide a timely negative test result, will not be admitted to Montgomery.

  • Summer camp staff will undergo additional health and safety training with an eye towards the highest sanitization and health standards available.

  • Montgomery will have a nurse and/or EMT in residence and/or on staff full-time for every week of summer camp who will be monitoring campers and staff for symptoms.

  • Activities, including meals, will be conducted outside as much as possible in the interest of health, and sleeping arrangements will be physically spaced more so than in past years, assisted by lowered attendance rosters.

  • If symptoms arise, Health Department officials and parents will be notified within 4 hours and camp will be suspended.


We hope that you will prayerfully consider the decision to send your camper to Montgomery this year, just as the Board and staff have diligently prayed, strategized, and been advised by health professionals in our decisions and new policies.

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